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For all type of cutting and coring in concrete, hard stone & etc... Our equipment can be set up to cut both vertically and horizontally in tight spaces. We take care of all cleaning involved and cart away all material.


A fast, neat method of forming larger openings.

Wall sawing uses a mounted concrete saw, either electrically or hydraulically driven, used to form openings in walls and soffits in reinforced concrete and other building materials.

Wall Sawing is typically used for the precise cutting of;

  • Door and window openings

  • Lift shaft openings

  • Vent/louvre openings

  • Demolition lines

  • Expansion joints

Our fast and accurate wall sawing method is used for cutting openings and recesses in heavily reinforced concrete walls and floors. Dust and vibration free cutting of concrete, reinforced concrete.

wall saving


Using diamond blades we carry out Wall and Floor Chasing to form chases for pipes, conduits,  trunking, tracking  and a wide range of other construction, plumbing and electrical requirements..

Chasing neat channels in concrete floors and walls is critical in many projects for building contractors, electricians and plumbers and we enjoy working with small local businesses and large national main contractors on a wide range of projects. Cutting to precise widths and depths in all types of brickwork, clockwork & concrete including plastered and rendered surfaces, and screeds, we can also undertake the cutting of asphalt or the formation of expansion joints.

wall chasing


Floor sawing is a tried and tested method for clean cutting flat surfaces used mainly in cutting roadways, carriageways, bridges and concrete slabs up to a depth of 500mm.

The process is functioned by a large blade attached to a shaft and can be powered by a 3 phase electric, petrol or diesel driven engines. The 3 phase electric powered machines are ideal for cutting indoors where fumes can be a risk.

We have a wide selection of diamond blades in many a varying diameter to suit every challenge.

floor sawing


The main advantages of core drilling:

  • Faster – reduces labour costs & time.

  • Accurate holes with minimum making good afterwards

  • Low H.A.V.S level

  • Low noise levels & cleaner with less debris

We can cut through most surfaces including reinforced concrete. Core drilling is an indispensable, vibration free, method of forming clean holes in structural concrete and other building materials, with single holes varying in diameter from 10mm up to 1000mm. The holes can be formed either electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically driven drill motors.

core drilling


We are a prominent firm for providing sawing of stairs Service. We offer customized cutting service for all clients' needs. Offered array of services is rendered using best grade inputs and the latest technology tools. Apart from this, these services are available at pocket-friendly prices with us.

Other details:

  • High flexibility 

  • Hassle free execution

  • Executed by professionals

  • Accurate work

sawing of stairs


Concrete cutting services carry out test drilling where boreholes are required in very restricted space or structures with legacy issues.

Samples are recovered for subsequent logging by a suitably qualified engineer and for laboratory testing. Our equipment is suitable for limited access areas. This service is suitable for all types of construction and civil engineering projects.

test drilling
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